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The Community

Performance Improvement Community

Performance Improvement Community

The Federal performance community consists of anyone who is applying performance improvement principles and practices to federal program management and service delivery. The community includes performance professionals, individuals who help manage their organization performance management and improvement programs, are critical and vocal members of the community, whether they work at the headquarters level, component agency level, program level or in the field. Program managers and program staff are also vital contributes in government performance as they deliver on the mission for their respective agencies.

Performance professionals

Performance professionals make up the nucleus of the Council’s interaction with the performance community. They are the catalyst within their respective organizations for creating a performance management infrastructure that drives improvements, lasting change. They are responsible for producing their organization’s strategic plans, priority goals, strategic objectives, and the other elements that make up their performance management framework. They also often facilitate data driven performance discussions and lead targeted performance improvement initiatives.

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Previous working groups

One of the primary purposes of the PIC is to foster collaboration and best practice sharing across the Federal Government. To that end, the PIC, in the past, established a number of government-wide, cross-agency working groups focused. While some of the working groups related directly to the requirements outlined in the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010, others focus on broader issues. Below is a list of previous working groups:

  • Internal Agency Reviews Community of Practice: For over two years, this forum connected agency stakeholders at various levels to discuss common challenges and best practices around the internal agency reviews of performance information.
  • Working Group: The purpose of this group was for agency users of to identify technical requirements and workflow needs among participating agencies. The group also discussed the development of a federal-wide technical system to facilitate the process of capturing and communicating performance information.
  • Verification and Validation (Data Quality) Working Group: This working group focused on improving the quality of performance data reported by federal agencies.The overall objective was to promote across the performance community data verification and validation standardization used in reporting performance measurements.
  • PIC working groups often sparked collaboration around specific topics for a deliberately short duration. Past working groups have focused on: strategic plan development, business intelligence, benefits processing, core competencies, and PIC priority setting.

Leaders Delivery Network

The Leaders Delivery Network is a small group of leaders working directly on Agency Priority Goals who come together once every two months to engage with high profile speakers, and discuss challenges and best practices in program management and implementation. Leaders will be offered optional experiences including coaching, managerial consultations, and social opportunities. 

Join the community

If you are a federal, military, and academia employee and would like to be included on notices about upcoming PIC meetings, events, working groups, and other opportunities to engage and learn, please attend our quarterly PIC Community Meeting. For more information please contact

Office of Executive Councils

The Office of Executive Councils provides dedicated support to Federal interagency management councils, increasing their effectiveness in solving challenges across agencies. The Office works with agencies across government to identify proven practices, spur innovation and improve outcomes. The Performance Improvement Council is one of several Executive Councils that comprise the Office. Other Councils are:

  • Chief Acquisition Officers Council
  • Chief Information Officers Council
  • Chief Financial Officers Council
  • President's Management Council
  • President's Management Advisory Board