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Performance Ambassador Program

The Performance Ambassador Program is a part-time program geared to mid-career employees that includes a mixture of self-directed work, structured training and practice in mobilizing others in their larger organization to adopt or enhance practices that will lead to greater performance on mission and goals.

Currently, the PIC is offering the Performance Ambassador program only to performance professionals in HQ and component level performance functions. This is intended to be a partnership between the performance office and the PIC in transforming the performance function from one that predominantly focuses on compliance in fulfilling requirements in the Federal Framework to a more active role in promoting and enabling greater use of performance, and a performance mindset, throughout the larger organization.

The first phase of the program is designed to master the foundations of performance management by engaging in the 3 series of training mini-course series, interviewing managers and staff in both mission delivery programs and complementary mission support functions.

The second phase of the program is designed to develop and deliver a specific performance enhancement project in their larger organization. This project is aimed at enabling a program or set of programs to remove an obstacle that stands in the way of making greater progress, generate a surge in products or services, or otherwise reframe their delivery approach to enable greater mission success. Participants will receive specific training and coaching in skills that will enhance their effectiveness in stimulating change.

Note every person who completes the first phase will be selected to participate in the second phase. Candidates will be selected for the second phase based on their abilities and poetntial for success.

Please contact if you wish to partner with the PIC in delivering this program. Minimum number of participants is 20 in the first phase.