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Modern Government Management Traits

The Modern Government Management Traits (MGMT) initiative was inspired and modeled from Google's Project Oxygen. It offers a simple way for manager to enhance their role in employee engagement by adopting the management behaviors that Google managers have used to manage their high-performing organization. MGMT is a 16+ week program with very little time investment needed to get results.

For each of the 8 MGM Traits: 1. Managers participate in a 30-minute Trait Talk with fellow managers

2. Managers choose which actions they commit to practicing over the next 2 weeks

3. The PIC sends a reminder Trait Tool

This cycle is repeated every 2 weeks until all 8 Traits have been covered, practiced, and adopted into day-to-day management routines.

Any Federal organization unit can participate and there is no charge. Participation is a true partnership between Agency MGMT Coordinators and the PIC Team. We supply the materials, schedule, and training/technical assistance to the partner coordinators. We can also connect you with others in government who have already implemented MGMT. A great team of folks from the Department of Labor have already implemented MGMT with about 250 managers and are now on their second round! They will make great mentors to new Agency MGMT Coordinators.

Individual managers may also participate without any structured organization-wide effort. You will simply be added to the PIC-facilitated online Trait Talk sessions instead of participating with peer managers in your agency.

Contact for more information.